Watermelon Slices Steamboat Bow
Watermelon Slices Steamboat Bow

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Watermelon Slices Steamboat Bow

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Whether you are shopping for yourself or your child, you will find the perfect bow you are looking for. The steamboat bow is a modern take on a sailor bow made with cotton fabric. The hair bow can be attached to either a bow tie clip, alligator clip, nylon headband or hair tie.

The options allow you to coordinate the entire family, make a mommy and me set or just for you. When choosing the alligator clip you will receive a clip featuring teeth as well as being lined with velvet ribbon. This ribbon helps hold thin baby hairs. Moms love our one-size nylon headbands because they can grow with your child and don't leave marks from being worn.

Don't worry, you don't need to be a mom to wear this stylish accessory with the hair tie option. The medium width hair tie allows you to wear the bow with a pony tail.

4.5" wide

All products are handmade for you in the US. I do not produce the fabric that my items are made from and am not associated with Disney or any other licensed company.